Registration of Business Act 1965 (ROBA 1965) is the act used by the business operated in West Malaysia including Peninsular Malaysia and Federal Territory while in Sabah and Sarawak, the registration of businesses is accordance to Sabah Trades Licensing Ordinance 1948 and Law of Sarawak 1958 respectively. Business that may be registered under the ROBA 1965 is a business that include trade, commerce, craftmanship or other activity carried on for the purpose of gains. Pursuant to ROBA 1965, there are two types of business which is

1)      Sole proprietorship – a business wholly owned by a single owner

2)      Partnership – a business owned by at least two (2) persons and not more than twenty (20) partners

Differences between Enterprise and Company






Rules & Regulations

Registered under Registration of Business Act 1965 (ROBA 1965)

Registered under Companies Act 2016


Type of business

          Sole Proprietorship



          Limited and unlimited company

          Public and private company


Owner(s) of the business



          Member/ shareholder

          Individual or bodies corporate or both


Life expectancy

Until the owner is dead or closed the business

By strike off or winding up


Limitation of Liability

Unlimited liability

Limited liability


Statutory Audit Requirement

Not require to be audited

Compulsory to be audited


Compliance & Submission to SSM

Not Applicable

Audited Financial Statement and Annual return


Requirement to register an enterprise

1)      The owner or partners is Malaysian Citizen or Permanent Resident in Malaysia

2)      The owner or partners is 18 years old and above

3)      Only the owner or partners can submit the application of business to be registered

Procedure to register an enterprise

1.       Business may be registered using personal name or using a trade name.

The personal name as stated in identity card is not required to apply for business name. In addition, if the business is using a trade name, the name shall obtain prior approval from the registrar of business.

Guideline to choose a business name can be found here,


2.       The applicant must complete the Business Registration Form (FORM A)

The information required in Form A are:

                     i.            the business names

                   ii.            commencement date of the business

                  iii.            principal place of the business

                 iv.            The business branch (if any)

                   v.            Information on owner and partners

                 vi.            Business nature

                vii.            Copy of the Partnership Agreement (if any)


3.       The completed form needs to be sent via counter or online by the owner and all the partners


4.       Attached the form with a supporting document such as:

                     i.            Permit, license or supporting letter for the type of business

                   ii.            Approval or supporting letter from relevant agency if required by the Registrar of Business

Procedure to register an enterprise

The registration of an enterprise can be done by using a EzBiz Website by:

1.       Activate EzBiz Account


i.         Click on and sign up the account

ii.       Verify your account by uploading the copy of identification card, picture with the identification card, an official document such as driving license, passport, birth certificate, utilities bills or any official document by the name of the owner


2.       Register an enterprise


i.                     Click on NEW BUSINESS under NEW BUSINESS REGISTRATION

ii.                   Complete New business registration form (FORM A)

iii.                  Clarified the registration fees

iv.                 Receive a notification regarding on the application

v.                   Business Registration Certificate can be obtained within 1 hours after the payment is made.

To know more on the registration process, click here ( )

Registration fee



Fee (RM)


sole proprietor using a personal name as stated in the identity card



Sole proprietor or partnership using trade name



Registration of branches



Business Information print out





























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