What is mOF license?

It is compulsory to register with Ministry Of Finance (MOF) to start dealing with them. To be eligible to supply products and services to the Malaysian Government, you need to first register your company with MOF. Obtaining the MOF Licence Treasury Registrations is a prerequisite for companies to participate in government sector and semi-government tenders and contracts. This include supplying goods and services including consultancy to government ministries, departments and agencies. The MOF registration normally needed by Government Department and Government Companies such as Petronas, Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Felda and many others that also required the supplier for goods and services having their Company registered with MOF. The validity of the license is up until 3 years subject to terms and conditions.

Why Must Suppliers Needs to Register With The Ministry of Finance?

Suppliers must register with the Ministry of Finance to be invited to participate in procurement by quotation (value of more than RM50, 000 to RM500, 000) and tender (above RM500, 000). Nevertheless suppliers are encouraged to register with the Ministry of Finance for the procurement of below RM50, 000.

Benefits Of Registering With Ministry of Finance

  1. Companies registered with the Ministry of Finance can participate in procurement undertaken through quotation and tender;
  2. Companies registered are excluded from the tender deposit;
  3. Companies can exhibit catalogs and prices in the eProcurement system and expand their marketing opportunities; and
  4. Facilitate Government Agencies in inviting for quotation, tender or direct purchase.

Supporting Documents Required for MOF registration

Below is the list of supporting documents that required for the application with MOF:

  • List of goods / services that you wish to supply or provide to the government sector
  •  Location map to your office
  •  Latest 3 months EPF Statement & receipt
  •  Latest 3 month Bank in slip
  •  All the employee’s new and old IC number and their designation
  •  Certified true  copies (CTC) by the bank on the cheque signatory
  •  CTC of Director’s resolution for cheque signatory
  •  CTC of latest forms 24, 44, 49, 9, M&A, Annual Return and Annual Report
  •  CTC of latest section 14,15,17,46, 58 any all section related doc
  •  CTC of form 32 A (if any)
  •  What is the estimate revenue of the company? (if your company is still new)
  •  Resume / Qualification of Directors
  •  Tenancy agreement with stamp duty (if rent) and its 3 months receipts
  •  S&P / Electricity and water bills / CF / Title
  •  2 photocopies of Directors’ IC
  •  Minimum paid up capital – RM2,500
  •  Related local authority license (for manufacturing company)
  •  Any sucessful secured projects. If have, what is the contract value, project’s name and procurement date?
  •  Who will be the Person In-Charge for the future tendering projects?

List of Code for Good / Services Supplier in Ministry of Finance

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