MOF License

The MOF License is a license created to provide opportunities for companies, suppliers and entrepreneurs to obtain projects or tenders from the government. Entities that is eligible to apply the license are Enterprise, LLP and Private companies (Sdn Bhd) that is registered under Companies Commission of Malaysia. An application from individuals will be rejected. Tenders that can apply are 30 field according to the company’s field code.

Requirement to apply the license

1)      Entities such as Enterprise, LLP and Private companies

2)      The companies must have a paid up capital of RM 2500 and above (LLP and Enterprise can refer to their bank statement)

3)      The company need to have a premise, office or a house and at least equipped with one employee

4)      The company should have necessary license and or letters of approval by accordance to the field that they applied for

5)      The company shall have the field code that is parallel with the code issued by MOF

Procedure to have a license

1)      Create an account from the MOF website to submit the applications online

2)      Submit the supporting documents to MOF via counter submission or online (recommendation to submit the document at the counter)

3)      MOF will announce the results

For new registrations, the process of obtaining license approval is 7 working days.

Supporting Document

For new registration of MOF license, the company must provide the following supporting documents:

1.       Declaration Form

2.       Memorandum and Article of Association /Section 14/ Form 55 (for Limited Companies)

Form 24/ Section 78 dan Form 24 / Section 58 for companies less than one year or latest Form of Annual Return (for companies that have been incorporated over 18 months), Form 32A / Section 11 (if applicable)

1.       Copy of owner’s / directors’ Identity Card

2.       Current Account Statement

Validity of the license

The Company Registration Certificate issued is valid for 3 years from the date of registration. Applicants must apply for license renewal starting from 3 months before the expiry of the license up to one year after the expiry of the license to avoid automatic revocation of the MOF license

Bumiputera Status

There are tenders that open specifically for Bumiputera. Therefore, a Bumiputera license is required for the tender application. The validity of Bumiputera status is accordance to the validity of the MOF license.

The requirement to apply for Bumiputera status are:

          Companies incorporated with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) under the Companies Act 2016

          Application must be submitted after the company is registered

          Eligible to apply by companies with 2/3 Bumiputera directors or all directors are Bumiputera

          Companies with 2/3 of Bumiputera employees

          The financial management of the company is handled by Bumiputera

          The highest percentage of individual equity holdings is dominated by Bumiputera

Registration Fee

Fee that is related to the process are:



Fi (RM)


New Registration

RM 50 / application


Additional digital certificate (per person)

RM 120.00 / 3 years


Payment after the registration is approved

RM 400.00 / 3 years


Add new field

No charge imposed


Updating Profile

No charge imposed


Bumiputera Status

No charge imposed



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