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Selection of company name is very important because it will represent your business. In the beginning of our incorporation. we chose “Velvet Corporate Resorces” as our name.  However,  the word “Velvet”  made people think we were running a bakery business  because the name reminded people to Red Velvet Cake. Therefore we decided to change the name and now we are known as Malaya Corporate Group Sdn Bhd.

So, please choose your Company name wisely. 

(Azizam Azizan @ Partner)


Guidelines For Choosing Your Company Name

Before your start please read the guidelines choosing company name, Company name is the first is a symbol of Company other than logo (Remember the Company name is heart of the company)

Characteristics Of Names

  • Under Companies Act 2016The Company name for Company in Malaysia should end with word Berhad or Bhd and for Private Company the word Sendirian Berhad or Sdn Bhd.
  • 2 Categories  
              Personal Name
     – Follow your NRIC or your combination with your partner. Example Azizam Azizan Sdn bhd
              Trade Name – Other than personal name, it is better choose name represent your Business 
  • Not too Long – Business name should not too long (more than 50 words).
  • Not too Short – Business name cannot to short. Example “Zam Sdn Bhd”
  • To general – Business name should not too general, because there are 5 million Enterprise and 1 million registered with SSM 2017. So better choose the unique name.
  • Represent your Business – Our advise better choose business name represent your business, Example if you construction better put word construction, if you in food industries better word restaurant or catering (example) at your business Name.
  • Can be read – Business name must readable, Using other language symbol is not allowed. But using another language is allow Example مثال (Arabic charter) 예 (Korea),  例 (Chinese) are not allowed.
  • Same or Similar Name – SSM no longer allow same name enterprise with Sdn Bhd, your name also cannot same with other existing company name
  • Not Politic Name – UMNO, Bersatu, Amanah, PKR, Pakatan Harapan, Barisan Nasional
  • Royal family Name – Names suggesting connection with a members of the Royal family or Royal patronage including names containing such words as “Royal”, “King”, “Queen”, “Prince”, “Princess”, “Crown”, “Regent” or “Imperial”;
  • Association Name – Name such as Asean, Commonwealth or foreign government or with the United Nations or with any other international organization or cartel including names containing such words as “ASEAN”, “UNESCO”, “NATO”, “EEC” ,“OPEC”
  • Not Gazzated Word – Please refer below
  • Not Controlling word – Refer Below
  • 99 Name Allah S.W.T – 99 Name Allah S.W.T. is not allow anymore, same go to another religious God
  • Logic – Your name must not unlawful name, example Gangster, Yazuka, Mob, ISIS 

List of GAZZETTED Word
(This name cannot be use as company name)

List of Controlling Word (Current) these name subjective to SSM Approval
-There are 670 Controlling word as dated 2018. Here the few list for you


Can I register same Enterprise name as my Company Name?

No, SSM no longer allow it.

How long the name process?

Based on our experience, name search take 1 to 3 working days

Can I use gazzate or protected word?

Yes you can, you need to explain but final decision is from SSM.

how long name search valid?

30 Days

What document needed for Name search?

Your NRIC/Passport Copy 

How many Suggestion name should we give to Malaya Corporate?

We suggest give 3 Name

How to check the name availabilty?

Give us the suggestion name. We will check for you 

Is there any condition or requirement for name search?

Yes, for example if you operating business related to travel. Your company name must related to travel

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