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Changing of Company Secretary to Us

The changing of company secretary is a decision to be made by the board of directors of a company. The decision has to be made by all of the directors of your company.

Normally this process will not bring any problem as long as the right procedures are followed. The firing of current secretary must be followed by the appointment of a new company secretary.

Here are the reasons why the changing of company secretary could happen:

  • Hard to communicate
  • Never had the chance to meet the company secretary face to face
  • All business with company secretary are dealt by middle man /  agent
  • Secretary does not care about your company besides collecting secretarial fees
If you wish to change your company secretary to our company, we are ready to help. The cost of changing secretary is as low as RM100.00 as a thank you token from us for your interest in our services. For your information, we limit our clients to 300 companies only as we prefer quality in our work over quantity.

FAQ Change Company Secretary

You just need to contact us and give us your old company secretary’s details and we will contact them to get further information and outstanding bill

Depends on how fast your old company secretary responds to us

Depends on your company’s constitution. For example, If the constitution states that a majority of directors’ signatures are required, then the process will be as per stated.

By law it is permissible, however we will only accept your company after all outstanding bill with the old secretary are settled as we abide by good secretary code of conduct.

Yes, please contact us for further information. You only need to forward your company’s information

Closing Company for Sdn Bhd

Running a business is not easy. With ever-changing business environment (eg. Covid-19 issue) a lot of companies are suffering heavy loss.

There are a few ways to close Sdn Bhd companies which are by striking off, winding up and by court order. If you are no longer doing business, it is advisable to close your business. This is because you are required to make annual return submission to SSM every year as long as your company exists. Failure to do so will result in a compound by SSM.

FAQ Close Company

There are a few ways which are striking off, winding up and by court order. Please contact us to find out which is the most suitable way for your company

The cheapest way is by striking off

Dormant company, no asset and no liability

This is not advisable as all companies are required to make annual return submission to SSM every year as long as your company exists. Failure to do so will result in a compound by SSM.

Reinstate Company

Reinstating is a process to revive a closed company either voluntarily or closed by SSM / Court.
The process of reinstating requires lawyer service as it needs the approval from the court. We at Malaya Corporate are ready to help.

FAQ Reinstate Company

Approximately RM5000.00 onwards

From our experience, the process takes around 2 months or more

We have come across a lot of reasons. Example : property issue / Land issue

Accounting Software "Financio"

Cloud computing accounting software is accounting software that is hosted on remote servers. It provides accounting capabilities to businesses in a fashion similar to the SaaS (Software as a Service) business model. Data is sent into “the cloud,” where it is processed and returned to the user.

Why Is Accounting Important? Accounting plays a vital role in running a business because it helps you track income and expenditures, ensure statutory compliance, and provide investors, management, and government with quantitative financial information which can be used in making business decisions.

We at Malaya Corporate are in co-operation with Financio, an accounting software provider to solve your accounting problems. We would like to remind that all accounting are made by our affiliates. We are only selling the accounting system.

FAQ Financio Accounting Software

The promotional price of Financio subsription is only RM300.00 per year (RM25.00 per month).

You only need an internet connection to install Financio in your computer / laptop at your office. Please contact us if you are interested in this service.

yes, 30 days free Trial

Yes, you need to renew it everyear

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