how to apply mm2h?

Eligibility for Malaysia My Second Home (mM2H)

It is open to citizens of all countries recognised by Malaysia regardless of race, religion, gender or age. Applicants are allowed to bring their spouses and unmarried children below the age of 21 as dependants.

Programme Terms & Conditions

Financial Requirements Upon Application - (UPDATE 8/2023)

Applicant below 50 years old

  • Show minimum MYR 40,000 monthly salary with latest 3 months statements.
  • Show over MYR 1,500,000 cash-in-bank with latest 3 months statements.
  • Agree to place MYR 1,000,000 in fixed deposit under lien in Malaysia. 
  • An additional MYR 50,000 for each dependent into the fixed deposit. 

Applicant 50 years old and Above

  • Show over MYR 1,500,000 cash-in-bank with latest 3 months statements.
  • Show over MYR 40,000 monthly income** with latest 3 months statements.
  • Agree to place MYR 1,500,000 in Fixed Deposit under lien in Malaysia.


*Application with monthly pension must comply with the above FD placement. 

** INCOME = IF retired, applicants can submit monthly income from various sources. 70% of the minimum income (RM40K) must come from the Principal (Main Applicant).

***All applicants in Peninsular Malaysia must be sponsored by a Malaysian citizen, or apply for the MM2H visa through a registered agent.

****A sponsor, or agent, must place a Personal Bond of up to RM2,000 to support the application.

Security Vetting

Applicant must submit Letter of Good Conduct (LOGC) issued by the Police Department or Security Agencies from country of origin or domicile country. If there is any convicted offences stated on the LOGC, application will automatically be rejected. Also, applicant is subject to security vetting by the Malaysian Authorities.

Medical Report

All applicants and their dependents (spouse and children) are required to submit a medical report from any private hospital / registered clinic in Malaysia after Approval.

Medical Insurance

Approved participants and dependents (spouse and children) must possess a valid medical insurance policy, which is applicable in Malaysia. If any applicants are above 59 years old then this requirement is waived. This is also required after approval.

The MM2H Application Process

How Long is the Process?

The official time frame for approval (or decline) is 90 days after submission. However the MM2H department is currently facing a serious backlog and it is taking much longer.

The Process

Applications can be submitted while the applicant is in Malaysia or from overseas. Once the committee reviews the documents and approves the application, they will issue a letter of ‘Conditional Approval’. At this time the applicant has six months to complete the remaining conditions (obtain medical insurance, complete the medical examination and open the fixed deposit) and collect the visa.


Document Submission

You are required to provide complete documents for the application process, some at the time of original submission and others after receiving the letter of conditional approval. The required documents are as stated below:


  • The covering letter of application should state the names of all people who are applying with you, how you will support yourself in Malaysia and which financial criteria you wish to use.
  • Once the application is approved you will be issued a conditional approval letter which can be presented to any bank in Malaysia to open an account.
  • Where certified true copies of documents are requested, they must be countersigned by the Malaysian Embassy or High Commission in your home country or the country that you are currently residing in, or by a lawyer in Malaysia.

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