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March 2019


23 March 2019

Lets Join our Training!!

Our Association, Malaysian Association of Corporate Administrators  (MACA) will conducting training for MBRS (Preparation Financial Statements Submission)

MBRS will allows for the submission of

1. Annual Return (AR)
2. Financial Statements and Report (FS) and
3. Exemption Applications (EA) related to the FS and AR

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March 2019

Registration with Motac Completed

21 March 2019

We are delightful to announced that we have completed  registration our client travel company with  Ministry of Tourism License *Redxxxxxxxx Sdn Bhd.” .

We will reveal the clients details after received  consent from them.

Our Application begin 01 March 2019 and completed on 21 March 2019. If  you interested Register your dream Travel Company. Please do not hesitate contact us. 

Looking for Internship Placement 2019 - 2020

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18 March 2019 @ Announcement

Kuala Lumpur, 15 March 2019 – The Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) hereby notifies that section 241 of the Companies Act 2016 (CA 2016) will be enforced effective from 15 March 2019 and Encik Azizam has complete register with this new ruler on 20 March 2019.

Section 241 of the CA 2016 is the last provision in the CA 2016 which was enforced on staggered basis on 31 January 2017. With the enforcement of this section and the regulations, all qualified persons who wish to act as a secretary must register with the Registrar irrespective of their professional background.
 The CA 2016 also provides a transitional period for existing company secretaries to apply for a practising certificate within 12 months from the enforcement date.

February 2019

Officially Certified Islamic Planner

05 February 2019

Encik Azizam officially Certified Islamic Planner under As-Salhin Trustee Berhad.  With this license, our firm can consult all matters related to Islamic Estate Planning such as wasiat, hiba , and distribution under Faraaid and all estate planner related to Islamic Law

please do contact us if you have any further questions.


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