Local Authorities (PBT) are divided into 3 categories, namely Council/City Hall, Municipal Council and District Council. Where each of the three categories has its own role and characteristics. Local authorities are under the jurisdiction of their respective states where the Local Government Department and the Ministry of Housing and Local Government (MHLG) are responsible for coordinate policies and legislation on local authorities including advisory services and reimbursement allocations from the Federal Government.
To run a business, a company must be registered with SSM. However, it should be noted that entrepreneurs need to obtain a license from the local authority to obtain permission to run their business. There are several types of licenses available which are:
  1. Composite form license
  2. License to mobile traders
  3. Static hawker license
  4. Roadside stall license
  5. Business advertisement license
However, the applicant must obtain a letter of licensing support from the relevant agency according to the type of business conducted before submitting the license application to the local authority.
For a list of licenses which under the supervision of the local authority, can refer to the link
Meanwhile, for the method of application, application conditions and license fees as well as more detailed information on a license can refer to the website of the agency that involved in the establishment of that business.

Disclaimer: We do not do license application service. This article is only for sharing info.