The Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (MDTCA) is the body responsible for approving Wholesale and Retail Trade License (WRT) applications. Wholesale and Retail Trade License is a license used by foreign -owned companies wishing to carry out distribution trade services in Malaysia. Foreign -owned companies refer to companies in which more than 50% of its total shares owned by non -Malaysians. However, if the Malaysian share ownership exceeds 50%, then the company will be exempted from applying this license.
The Wholesale and Retail Trade License covers 4 main categories of distributive trade namely retail, trade (import and export), distributive trade, restaurants, franchises, and services and consultancy.
Among the list of types of businesses that non -Malaysian citizens are not allowed to be established in Malaysia. There are: –
  1. Supermarkets and mini markets
  2. Provision shop
  3. Furniture and fittings
  4. Photo frame shop
  5. Textiles and clothing
  6. Computer accessories
  7. Hair salon
  8. Laundry shop
  9. Small and non -exclusive restaurant
  10. Prepaid card business
  11. Cyber ​​Café
  12. Car glass and aluminum workshop
  13. Herbal product business
  14. Spa – only for shareholders and spa in the hotel
  15. Restaurants, bistro and cafes – exclusive concept & shareholders allowed
  16. Cleaning and maintenance
  17. Massage parlour
Here are the details and information to apply for a license:
i)      Comply with Companies Act 2016 for the establishment of the company
ii)    Have a business premises license
iii)   Work permit (DP10) from the Immigration Department
iv)  Have a valid rental agreement & telephone line
   i.    Completed WRT 1 Form
  ii.    Company profile/ business plan
iii.    the latest Company Profile (Computer Print Out) and copies of form 49 certified by CCM
iv.    Copy of Form 32A (stamped if there is a change in shareholders)
 v.    Copy of IRB tax registration confirmation letter
vi.    Copy of license issued by the local authority (which is still valid)
vii.    Copy of tenancy agreement/ S&P of business premises agreement that has been stamped (if do not have a local authority license)
viii.    Copy of license or approval letter of business from the Ministry/ Agency/ Department (If any)
ix.    Copy of Customs Department Clearance document (K1/ K2)/ latest document of delivery order/ Sales Invoice/ purchase order (last 3 months)
 x.    For restaurants only: Food and beverage menu and cooking qualification documents (academic/experience)
xi.    Photos related to business premises and products
* Applications must be submitted to the KPDNHEP Distributive Trade Committee
* Application is subject to the approval of the KPDNHEP Distributive Trade Committee
1-2 Months
2 Years (Renewal application must be made 3 months before the expiry date)
Note: Foreign traders are required to have an approval WRT License before applying for a work visa and a license from the Local Authority (PBT) to operate a business.
For more information relating to terms and conditions of the WRT License, please refer to the Wholesale and Retail Trade License (WRT) Application in Malaysia and GUIDELINES ON FOREIGN PARTICIPATION IN DISTRIBUTIVE TRADE SERVICES IN MALAYSIA or directly to the website of the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP).

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