"Stay Informed: The Newest Registration Numbers from SSM

A Company Registration Number, issued by the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM), is a vital identifier for businesses operating within Malaysia. This unique alphanumeric code serves as a fundamental component of a company’s legal identity and plays a pivotal role in the country’s business landscape. It distinguishes one company from another, facilitating seamless transactions, legal compliance, and regulatory oversight. Changes Previously, company registration numbers only had 7 digit numbers and 1 alphabet. However, starting on 11th October 2019, the administrator has changed their format of company registration number to 12 digits. In this change, all company numbers will use the new format. It is important to understand that this change does not mean that the existing company number will become invalid. Instead, the number still remains and is valid as before. Let’s look at the differences between the old company number format and the new format proposed by SSM:

Example OLD company number : 1324568-V

Example NEW company number : 202301001235


This change aims to enhance the safety and overall company registration process. With the new format containing more digits, it allows the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) to make several positive changes in its operations:

1. Higher Security: The new, more complex format with more digits can improve data security. It can make the registration system more resistant to unauthorized access.

2. Increased Registration Capacity: With a longer format, CCM can issue more company registration numbers without running out of unique digit combinations. This enables more companies to be registered without the need to repeat the same numbers.

3. Easier Data Management: The longer format also facilitates easier data management in CCM’s database. It helps in grouping and searching data more efficiently, which can enhance the handling of registration applications and existing company information.


Latest registration number format
Here are the characteristics of the new company registration number:

1) It consists of 12 digits.

2) The registration year follows the year the company was established. For example, if your company was registered in 2023, it will start with the year 2023.

3) All types of business entities, including enterprises, LLPs, private limited companies (Sdn Bhd), and public limited companies (Berhad), will be included.

An example is as follows:
– First 4 digits (year of registration): 2023
– Second 2 digits: Business entity code.
– Next 6 digits: Sequential numbers (issued by the Companies Commission of Malaysia or SSM).


So, the new company registration number format comprises 12 digits, with the year of registration, business entity code, and sequential numbers.