30 First Business Ideas You Can Start Today

Entering the business world, we usually start alone, or “freelance”. We make a living by working alone. We are towkay. We are laborers.


There are types of businesses that make money fast, there are those that are slow. The ideal first business is a business that can quickly make money to cover daily needs. Make savings, so that we have the capital to start a second business.

According to Puan Ainon Mohd, the ideal first business is to sell services to clients with money. Choose a service business that we can do the service ourselves. The service does not use expensive equipment. Service skills are easy to learn online, or classes and seminars. The service tuition fee is cheap.

The service is easily sold to wealthy clients. The first business that is easy to start is the service type because the capital is just us.

In this article I share the first 30 business ideas. If you are looking for a business opportunity, this read is for you.


1.Dropship – Make this dropship one of the good businesses for new people to get used to the business. The dropship business model is simple. You collect the order, the customer banks in to you the sale price, you bank in to the agent’s price HQ, the net profit margin you save, the HQ posts the goods to the customer. So you don’t even have to hold the product. Just quote the order. Most products are now looking for dropship agents. They have provided marketing guides, product info, and tasks so you don’t miss out and can make sales.

2. Sell courses online – Are you good at cooking Or good at painting and design? Whatever skill you specialize in, you can teach it to others. It doesn’t mean you go from house to house or meet your customers, but you make your skills into a course or class in the form of a video that can be sold online. You can sell on websites like Udemy, Teachable, Thinkific and more.

For example, like MasterClass. They sell courses taught by experts such as cooking classes taught by Chef Gordan Ramsay, acting classes taught by famous actor Samuel Jackson, basketball classes taught by NBA athlete Stephen Curry, and more. You don’t have to be the best in your industry, it’s enough that you have enough skills that can be taught to others.

3. Sell frozen food – You can sell frozen foods such as dim sum, nuggets, cakes, etc. without having to make the food. Many factories produce frozen food to be supplied to local grocery stores and stores. You can buy directly from this factory and sell it at home. For starters you can sell to friends and closest people first, post on fb groups, whatsapp, etc.

4. Start a blog – If you are the type who likes to write, you can start your own blog. You don’t make a profit when you start blogging. Blogging is time consuming. But if you are committed to this business, you can make money for a long time.

You start by writing an article that you are interested in first, maybe about fashion, about cooking, about cake recipes, facial skin care tips, or whatever. Start your blog with a few articles, build your audience, and when your followers have reached a few hundred or thousands, you can offer things like your cooking classes, recipe ebooks, your own handicrafts, and more.

5. Sell ebooks – If you do not like to create a blog, but have skills that can be useful to others, you can create your own ebook. For example, cooking recipes, or how to pray perfectly, or how to sew clothes, and so on. The ebook you can create ads and sell in whatsApp groups, FB groups, or try to sell on the website klikjer.com.

6. Sell used items – Do you think the clothes near the house are piled up? Dahla doesn’t use it because it’s small, we only use it once or twice. So it’s good if we sell our clothes or stuff earlier. These items you can create ads and sell in whatsApp groups, FB groups, or try to sell on websites such as easy, auction, or carousel.

7. Car wash service – For this business idea, the only capital you need is a sponge, cloth, bucket, and car soap. You can come to a customer’s house and wash their car. Use water near the customer’s house, you only need to provide tools for washing. When you have a little profit, you can offer services such as vacuum, interior cleaning, and more. Most people are now lazy to go wash the car because it takes time and being away from home, very tedious. So if you offer this service, of course there are those who want it because you have simplified their affairs.

8. Pet care services – There are half a dozen people, when going on vacation, they need people to take care of their pets. So you can offer your services and take care of their cats for a few days while they go on vacation. Can you be the best? Caring for cats can also be a business.

9. Service marketing – If you have the skills to create online advertising you can help marketing your customers’ products. Maybe you are familiar with FB Ads or Google Ads, so you can help people sell their products online. If they do not trust you, you can do a trial session first, where they only pay for ads, your service is free, and after the trial period they are satisfied, then they pay you.

10. Content writer – Most businesses now have their own page, have social media, and have their own website. But not many people consistently write and create content because they are busy selling their products. So you can help them organize and create content for their business. Maybe write daily posts, maybe social media updates, or help compose articles on their website.

11. Rent equipment – If you have a lot of equipment such as cameras, tripods, lighting, audio systems, etc., you can rent the equipment. Most of this equipment is needed for one or two occasions only. So they don’t buy because it will be wasted. So you can start a business renting the equipment. To prevent theft, you can prepare a consent form and create your own policy.

12. Be a runner – This runner, for example, is like Food Panda and Grab Food where you send food to customers. If you know the ins and outs of the road and are good at carrying a motorcycle, this job is very suitable for you. Your job is just to wait for orders, deliver food and collect wages. Maybe you can save the profit of that business to be used as capital for your next business.

13. Event photographer – Nowadays, almost every ceremony requires a photographer to take pictures of their ceremony. Among them are wedding ceremonies, birthday ceremonies, aqiqah ceremonies, reunion ceremonies, or corporate ceremonies. If you have the skills to take pictures and edit a little, you are qualified to do this business. If you don’t feel very good, you can join photography classes to improve your skills.

14. Washing and folding service – Half the people don’t have a maid. They are busy with work and don’t have time to deal with filthy things like washing and folding clothes. Want to sunbathe again, wait for it to dry, want to fold, rub again. You can offer a service to go to their house and take care of their clothes, or they leave the clothes outside the house and you pick them up and send them back. Follow your suit.

15. Be a ghost writer – Ghost writers are people who write books for people who want to make books. Most of them are successful entrepreneurs, figures or leaders in the industry they lead. They have a lot of knowledge, but need writers to write their books. If you are good at writing, you can approach these figures and ask if there is an opportunity for you to help them.

16. Copywriting services – Copywriting or in other words writing ads is very necessary again by many businesses that create online advertising. Writing an ad is not the same as writing an article. Ad writing aims to grab people’s attention and give them the confidence to buy with us. The structure of ad writing also has steps and elements. If you have the skills or expertise in writing ads, it is very easy for you to get a job from these businesses.

17. Service design – This business idea is perfect for you if you are a creative person. The design is wide, from wedding card design, to banner design. In general, you can get design jobs from various industries. You can create logos, posters, social media posts, and more. The easiest way you can start is to design a wedding card or event banner.

18. Hairdressing service – For starters, you do not need to open a shop or buy expensive tools to do a barber service. Instead of customers coming to the store and spending tens of minutes waiting their turn, what about your own coming to their house for a haircut. They save time, no need to go to the store, just make a call and wait for you to come.

19. Massage Therapist – Many people do not know the benefits of this massage. They remember when they were old enough to go for a massage. If you are good at massage, you can do the service to come to their house. After a long and tiring day at work, it is good if we relax the muscles, refresh the body, and get rid of wind in the body with a massage from you.

20. House cleaning service – There are half the people who can’t afford to hire a fixed salary, and are very busy with work. For people with this problem, you can offer house cleaning services. You can charge them by the hour, work done, weekly, or even monthly, at a lower rate than the wages of a fixed salary person. This service does not require any difficult skills. Just the basics like tidying the room, sweeping and mop the floor, washing clothes, and dusting.

21. Become an affiliate agent – This affiliate agent basically promotes other people’s products using your special link. For example, you become an ABC skinny product affliate. To purchase, the customer must go to the product link to make a payment. If you sign up as their agent, they will provide their special product link for you. So if there are customers who click on your link, it’s your commission.

22. Teach recitation – You can come to the customer’s house and teach them or their children to read the Quran. For parents who do not have time to send their children to quran classes, this is very suitable.

23. Service makes a resume – This resume is important for personal appearance for the place where we will work. But not many people want to create an effective and useful resume.

24. Manage social media – Nowadays almost all businesses have social media. They do marketing through social media, interact with customers with social media and build their business audience. You can offer social media handling services at a lower price than they hire a marketing agency.

25. Website service – This website is like a modern business card today. Of course, they need a website that is cool and customer friendly. You can offer website creation services at a lower price than those hired by marketing agencies.

26. Sell ice cream – This food business idea is perfect considering it’s summer now. In fact, it is a small capital business. You just need an ice box, and buy ice cream wholesale at the grocery store at a cheap price. Fill an ice box with ice, and you can start selling in crowded places. For example on the beach, on the playground, or on a picnic.

27. Alter clothing service – We never buy pants or shirts, and the size is a little more, or does not fit. You can offer to alter their clothes, and fix them to make sure their clothes fit and fit perfectly.

28. Write a transcript – There are half the businesses, which repurpose a lot of content. For example from live video, to articles, or even from audio recordings, to social media posts. You can help turn their video, or their live recording, into writing like an article.

29. Personal driver – Maybe you intend to start a personal driver business where they can hire someone to drive them to work. For starters, you can start with the closest people such as friends or family. Or start by becoming a Grab driver as training and preparation to start your business. Some people are uncomfortable to grab because they don’t know the driver and don’t like riding in people’s cars. So you can be their personal driver. They already know you, and they can ride in their own car.

30. Delivery service – You can make your own doorgift, or order at a wholesale store. This doorgift is not for a wedding ceremony, it can be a birthday party, tahlil ceremony, reunion, and more. Your doorgift can be in the form of food, handicrafts, candy, or even cake. There are many more business ideas out there that you can try. If you want to start a business, don’t think of products or services, think of problems to solve. If you can identify the problems faced by a group or market, you can create a business by helping to solve the market problems. If you feel that your knowledge and skills are not enough and need to be honed further, you can attend classes or seminars to learn more about the skills.