Premium Visa For Foreigners

Beginning October 2022, Malaysia Government will introduce a new premium visa to attract rich investors to Malaysia. This Visa valids for 20 years and the government is looking for foreign nationals to stay longer in Malaysia with this initiative.


The entry barrier for this Visa application is quite high. The applying individual must have an income of RM40,000.00 per month off shore, with liquid asset of minimum RM1 million in their bank account. This requirement is similar to the latest MM2H requirements. For each dependent, applicants will have to pay a one-off fee to the immigration department the amount of RM200,000.00. Dependents refer to spouses, parents, in-laws, children and domestic helpers.


For this premium visa holders, they are eligible to purchase property, seek education, run a business, get medical treatment and such, similar to MM2H benefits.

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