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The Guidelines for the Establishment of Kindergartens and TASKA 2017 have been used to replace the Guidelines for the Establishment of TADIKA and TASKA 2012. These guidelines are applicable to the establishment of Kindergartens and TASKA whether conducted by Government or private entrepreneurs throughout Peninsular Malaysia. These guidelines are prepared by paying attention to the process of establishing a Kindergarten and TASKA according to the specified category or type which covers the planning aspects of the checklist of the requirements of the agencies involved, licenses, standardization of fees and sites.
These guidelines also take into account aspects related to planning and provision of facilities as well as land descriptions with reference to the provisions of relevant Acts including the National Land Code 1965 (Act 56), Town and Country Planning Act 1976 [Act 172], Local Government Act 1976 [Act 171 ], Education Act 1961 [Act 43], Education Act 1996 [Act 550], Child Care Centers Act 1984 [Act 308], Uniform Building By-Laws 1984 [UKBS, 1984], Education Regulations 1997 & 1998 , Child Care Centers (In Institutions) Regulations 1985, Direction of the Director General (DG) of the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia, Reference of the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia.
The Child Care Centers Act 1984 (Act 308) was enacted to provide for the registration, inspection and enforcement of TASKA and for matters related to it in order to ensure the well-being, safety and overall development of children is given priority. The control of policies, policies and monitoring of premises related to Kindergarten and TASKA services is under the supervision of the State Education Department (JPN), Social Welfare Department (JKM), and the Ministry of Health Malaysia (KKM) with the assistance of Local Authorities (PBT) related to monitoring the premises. While the issuance of registration certificate is under the responsibility of the State Education Department (JPN) and the Social Welfare Department (JKM).
However, before submitting an application for the establishment of TADIKA and TASKA, the applicant must register a business with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM), undergo a Food Handler Training Course organized by the MOH, participate in the PERMATA Early Childhood Care and Education Course (KAP) for the establishment of TASKA and apply for TASKA registration at JKM, and need to apply for TADIKA registration with the Ministry of Education Malaysia.
  1. Submit application for Planning Permission and Building Plan except for buildings that have been erected.
  2. Complete the registration of TADIKA or TASKA
  3. Apply for a business premises license at the Local Authority (PBT)
Among the conditions for the establishment of a childcare center is to be registered and obtain a Licensing License from the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) or the Registrar of Societies (ROS) except for TASKA conducted in house-shaped areas. Next, it is necessary to meet the minimum standards of JKM and obtain support or approval from technical agencies such as Local Authorities (PBT), Fire and Rescue Department, Health Department also Land and Survey Department for the state of Sarawak only.
TASKA registration application procedure is as follows, which the registration application can be made through the eJKM Online System or through the District Social Welfare Office (PKMD) where the TASKA will be established. A complete TASKA registration application will be processed within 14 working days with a registration fee of RM50 for TASKA at home care center while TASKA Institutional, Community or Workplace fee charged is RM250. Then, the approval of the TASKA Registration Certificate will be issued by the State Director of Social Welfare (SDSW). Where the validity period of registration is for 60 months equivalent to 5 years.
For the application form for the establishment of TADIKA and TASKA (Form A of the First Schedule, Regulation 4, Child Care Center Regulations 2012) can refer to the link: /GPP-Penubuhan-Tadika-dan-TASKA-9April2012_PRINT_Latest.pdf
Reference from source: Serbisyo/Pekeliling/2012/GARIS-PANDUAN-PENUBUHAN-TADIKA-DAN-TASKA.pdf
For more information on the establishment of TASKA can visit the website of the DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY WELFARE

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