It is never easy for one person to change their fate from poor to rich. Planning and strategy is important along the way but without sacrifices, it will be unable for one to achieve.


Sacrifices are meant to be made or in other words, it is the price that you have to pay to becoming rich. The road to become rich is never easy and it takes a lot of courage to be one.


  1. Family

We wanted to start with family because this is the last thing people want to hear that they have to sacrifice. Many successful individuals postpone starting a family for a later date. They start only after they have accumulated success which is probably one of the most important sacrifices one makes it. Road to financial success demands so much focus and effort put into it that it would be almost impossible to achieve the same level of greatness if you’re being side-tracked by personal feelings. That’s just the truth that successful people don’t get married early on almost never in their 20s and for sure that they don’t have children as soon as possible. Having a kid early on is pretty much financial suicide trafficking into the rat race. In order for you to become rich, the process needs your undivided attention. The moment one has a child, that child immediately becomes the focus point and everything else stays behind, as it should be. A third aspect that gets sacrificed is the relationship with your family, parents and siblings require time, effort and sometimes financial resources as well all which you are not in the position to spare in the beginning stages of your journey.

2. Health

Health is one of the most important ingredients to a successful life but to get rich, the paradox is that most people sacrificed health in order to get money and then sacrificed the money in order to regain their health. The truth of becoming rich is that the road to riches will take up toll on your health. The most common feeling is not of tiredness because most individuals have difficulty falling asleep, the goal keeps you up at night there are worries to consider and everything depends on your ability to manage them. Entrepreneurs live with a tremendous amount of stress in their lives as they usually neglect their health in the pursuit of success.

3. Friends

There is very little room for a social life when you really want to be rich. One of the first things you should sacrifice if you want to make it is the people around you who are not pushing you further. Cutting down on the toxic individuals is a must then followed by those who are not actively making you better. It’s fairly common for successful people to dramatically reduce their inner circle with a focus on the quality of the individuals. The average future millionaire has 1.8 close friends and they themselves are also focused on getting rich. In that way, they can push each other further along the way. You need people who can relate to your struggles and that can understand why you’re putting in that level of effort. Nobody else will understand with the exception of individuals who they themselves are doing the same thing. If you really want to make it, your inner circle should decrease in size but increased in value.

4. Hobbies

Hobby is the nature produce very little value to both yourself and your immediate environment. Not only that, in order to maintain a hobby, it demands time, attention and most of the time financial resources as well. If you want to be rich and you’re not where you want to be in life, you can’t afford to have a hobby, that’s the truth.

5. Time

The road from zero to financial success will take an average of seven to 10 years depending on the industry. Your emotional intelligence, your intellect, your ability to play the market and the volume of work you’re able to put out in order to make it happen. The days you spend at your computer or negotiating with clients are probably not going to be the best years of your life but it’s a sacrifice one needs to make if they’re serious about getting rich because it’s that time that yields the results you are looking for. Seven years might sound like a lot of time and it doesn’t mean that those numbers will lack any positive memories. Time will pass either way, so make sure to invest it wisely.

6. Happiness

Happiness is a big one because as you know money can’t buy you happiness at the end, but in order to get money you will need to sacrifice your happiness to a certain degree even if you love what you do. Nobody is happy working 14 to 16 hour per day every single day, so there needs to be a balance to the amount of happiness you’re willing to sacrifice in exchange for material gain. If you sacrificed too much, you might not be able to cope with your new reality.

7. Sleep

You have to be willing to sacrifice sleep. If you sleep, you may miss the opportunity to be successful. Look at this objectively, sleeping less is an amazing advantage if you make quality use of the time while you’re awake. There’s no point in sleeping five hours a night if you’re only going to be working 8 hours during the day. Sleep is the first thing everyone should sacrifice when they begin their journey. Six hours of sleep per night is really manageable and you can fit a lot more work during the day.

8. Who You Are

If you want to be rich and successful, you need to sacrifice who you are in order to become who you want to be. It’s smart to think of yourself in terms of a work in progress similar to a software. This is your current version but don’t be afraid to make updates, fix bugs and reiterate what makes you use your current reality didn’t make you rich. The current version of yourself wasn’t able to solve the puzzles needed to further your achievements from a financial standpoint, so you need to do something about it. Evaluate who you really are, what are the things that set you back, what are the things that the current version of yourself failed to do then seek ways to transform yourself in that department. An easy aspect to point out is discipline. If you lack discipline, you’re probably never going to be successful or people always laugh discipline. This is because success in any form comes from repetitive actions which add up overtime unless you can’t discipline yourself, you won’t stand a chance.

9. Entertainment

This is the second thing people who want to get rich should sacrifice. If you’re just starting out as we know, most of you will immediately cut out the low and medium levels of entertainment in your life. If you can’t cut everything out though, enjoy only the best types of entertainment so that it works as a reward unless you’re a professional E sports player where spending time playing video games is your profession.

10. Stability

Getting rich is a rollercoaster. It will take a lot of ups and downs until you reach the destination. Stability gets sacrificed and you don’t know what tomorrow holds and you don’t have the luxury of being at ease. You need to move yourself to position yourself to meet new people to negotiate your own reality and provide for yourself since nobody is going to get it for you. If you believe your environment is keeping you from being successful, sacrificed it and move somewhere else where you are in control of this ride.